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Problem:     JInstaller: :Install: File does not exist ./tmp/install_4ef3ba8237960/template_name/js  during the installation of your extensions specially Template this a common problem of a Joomla 1.7  Developers like the below screenshot.

Solution:  The solution of this problem is missing Blank HTML file among  your folder (index.html) copy and paste the index.html file from any Joomla template or type the below code and named index.html

<!DOCTYPE html><title></title>

And now you see all your template is installed successfully BOOM 🙂

When I started first Magento I can not install it locally,I just work on live server.But it’s so painful for me.I got a lot of installation tutorials on online but I don’t get any result.At last I find out it and share it for all who are the beginner and fall down problem to install Magento on local server.It’s not so hard for PHP programmers who have at least little knowledge of php.ini file of server.At first I suggest you to use Xampp it’s easy for beginner.So let’s start :

1. I use Xampp for this tutorial.Find the file from Xampp xampp/php/php.ini

2. Then open this file php.ini and change the change like below :

i)  First Download the latest version of Xampp.

ii)  Find ;extension=php_curl.dll and change it to extension=php_curl.dll (Just remove[;] commentof PHP)

ii) Find memory_limit = 32M and change it to memory_limit = 128M or more . I use  512M. 

iii) Find max_execution_time = 60 and change it to max_execution_time = 18000 or more . I use  18000.

iv) Find max_input_time = 60 and change it to max_input_time = -1 . 

After these changes save the file and restart your local Apache server.This is the pre-installation procedure to install Magento.