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Problem : Few month ago I fall a great problem of wodpress that 28px top-spacing in html body.I can not solved it by CSS and last I find a solve from WordPress forum,I hope it’s very important to know of WordPress developer how to solve it.The problem is seen like the screenshot :

Solution : This not a problem of WordPress if you don’t add the admin panel into the function file of wordpress you face this problem after logout from the admin panel you don’t show this extra space.Have a solution if you don’t show the admin panel after login add the below code into function.php file :

function my_function_admin_bar(){ return false; }
add_filter( 'show_admin_bar' , 'my_function_admin_bar');

Sometimes we fall a problem how to change virtuemart default currency selector of Joomla.It’s so easy just follow the below instruction :

Login to Joomla Administrator Panel > Components > Virtumart > Store > edit store > Select your country and State..  and that’s all it needed..

it seems that the when you install virtumart it sets a default country and this overrides that default to your country and currency.. So easy 😀