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Importing WordPress into a Joomla Website

1. Backup your WordPress site to your hard drive, so that you can import it later on. The simplest way to do this is with the backup manager that comes with WordPress.

2. Download and install the full Joomblog package from Joomla’s “Extensions” page (see Resources below). Make sure that the package contains 4 files:

com_joomblog_2.2 (this is the main component)
mod_joomblog_2.2 (this is the module you’ll use for registering and moderating visitors)
bot_joomblog_2.2 (a bot that will allow comments to blog posts)
plug_cbjoomblogtag (this is the Community Builder plug-in)

3. Click Components. In the dropdown menu, click on Joomblog. Select your backed-up WordPress file, and click Import WordPress. You can view your articles by clicking “Content by Section” and next “WordPress_Joomla.”