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There are two ways to remove Powered by Kunena Link from footer:

1. For new version

2. For old version.

1. For new version :
Find the below code in the kunena.php file in components/com_kunena/

// Credits
echo ' ' . CKunenaLink::GetTeamCreditsLink ( $catid, JText::_('COM_KUNENA_POWEREDBY') ) . ' ' . CKunenaLink::GetCreditsLink ();
if ($this->params->get('templatebyText') !=''):
echo ' :: params->get('templatebyLink').'" rel="follow">' . $this->params->get('templatebyText') .' '. $this->params->get('templatebyName') ? $this->params->get('templatebyName') : '' .'';
echo '';

and change it to the code like below

// Credits

// display footer


2. For old version:

Find the code in the kunena.php file in components/com_kunena/  like below :

echo '<div class="fb_credits"> ' . CKunenaLink:: GetTeamCreditsLink($catid, _KUNENA_POWEREDBY) . ' ' . CKunenaLink:: GetCreditsLink();


and change it to the code like below

echo '<div class="fb_credits"> ';

Go to /public_html/components/com_easyblog and use an editor opening the file Constants.php. It should be around line 107.Remove the line like below screen-shot :


That’s all.

If you are at advanced level then you need to remove this on two pages…

1. constants.php

2. controller.php

where search for
//print powered by start
//print powered by end

and comment that echo line by adding //
that would do… yous is as good as professional version..

Problem: Sometimes the Joomla developer face a problem on their server.The problem is like that:

Solution: Try adding the following line to your .htaccess file, should help.

DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm

The key is to have index.php early and allows the server to accept the index.php file as the start page.

If this does not work, ie: Your host will not allow it, create a blank index.htm page, and put the following code it.


<meta Http-Equiv="Refresh" content="0;url=">


If necessary, you could do a similar one in the admin folder too, but add administrator/ before the index.php