Disable the checkout Notice pop-up box for your VirtueMart script

Posted: March 17, 2011 in E-Commerce, Joomla, VirtueMart
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When products are added to the cart there is a Notice pop-up box, which prompts whether to continue shopping or to navigate to the cart.

You can easily disable the checkout Notice pop-up box.

Navigate to your Joomla administrator area->Components->VirtueMart->Admin-> Configuration->Site.

Click on the Configuration link besides the Select the theme for your Shop drop-down menu.

There set the following values:

Customer Checkout in a popup (GreyBox)? No
Use Ajax to add, update or delete products from the cart? No

Save the changes and test the new functionality. Once you order an item you will be redirected to the cart page.

  1. vikas tyagi says:

    it work nice me

  2. Adam W says:

    Great work:).
    By the way u know how to change in virtuemart redirectory to “notify me” website?
    After try to put to cart more products then u have in stock popup is appearing and u going from cart to notifyme website.
    see u

  3. Matthew says:

    It’s way better to use VM without any pop-up box, only being redirected to the cart page as it’s supposed to be… Nice piece of information though.

  4. sajid Khan says:

    how to pass link “add to cart ” product image virtuemart

  5. It’s great work. Thanks for sharing with us. keep posting.

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